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Our History

Hotel da Remo opens its doors on July 6, in 1979, the day when Remo Malpaga started the family business, helped by the sisters Marta and Valeria and the niece Ivana.

A few years later, in 1982, he expanded the structure, creating the second floor of the building.

In the years it becomes a popular location to celebrate weddings, first communions, class parties and important events.

In 1984 Remo Malpaga married Marianne, one of the first Dutch tourists, guest of the structure the day of the opening of the hotel.

This was followed by several years of collaborations and business relationships with leading tourism companies, travel agencies and international tour operators. These include the famous “Vakantie Valsugana” by Meindert Papenhuijzen, great promoter of tourism in Valsugana in the 50s, several coach groups of Dutch tour operators like De Jong Intra Tours.

In 1993 Hotel Da Remo starts a collaboration with the Dutch tour operator Vrij Uit Auto and in 1996 with Vrij Uit Moto, establishing itself as one of the first hotels in Valsugana available to receive bikers and riders interested in discovering the beauties of Trentino.

In 1988 the birth of daughter Anneke and in 1991 of son Maxim.

In 2006 the structure is renewed and the product differentiated with the development of new apartments and rooms, turning into a Residence Hotel.

Remo Malpaga devotes his entire life to the hotel and, after a long illness, he left us on the 26th of September, in 2008. His dream continues in Marianne and in his children who decide to face a new redevelopment project that will end in 2020.

The name of the Hotel is still Da Remo, in honor of the founder Remo, a brilliant and witty man, known for his humility and great generosity.